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The Beachfront zone comprises North Beach, South Beach, North Horn and South Horn areas. All sites have been designed specially to allow the residences, both the tower apartments and ground level villas, direct access to the beach and boardwalk areas. The tower heights commence at 10 storeys at the far horns and then gradually builds up to reach a crescendo at the centre of 33 storeys.

The Beachfront zone is adorned with lush landscaped gardens, recreation facilities, shaded plazas, villas and grand lobbies. The roofs of the structures offer excellent opportunity for outdoor recreational facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools at a raised level, which affords panoramic views while maintaining privacy for the residents. The beachfront zone is the most idyllic seaside township.


Situated at the farthest points on either sides of The Crescent are the North Horn and the South Horn. Offering rows of smaller scale yet very exclusive residential developments, the Crescent Horns will be known for their visual drama and architectural excellence.

Both Horns will be mixed-use developments where a two- storey podium in residential towers will host retail outlets, health spas, gyms and restaurants for residents and visitors alike. Also, at the end of each horn will be a local mosque for the residents. Each horn development will have a formal landscaped street address.

The narrow corners of each horn will be developed as recreation parks providing the opportunity for a small café and boating related retail with access to the open water from a jetty. Crescent Horns - a perfect place to relax and unwind for residents and island guests.


The North Beach and South Beach areas on the inside of The Crescent are home to spectacular waterfront towers, ascending gradually on either sides in a delightful synchrony and reaching an impressive zenith at the crescent centre. The towers range from 14 to 29 storeys.

In addition to the street address, every residential tower will have an address to the beachfront promenade that will provide access for the residents and visitors directly to the beach and promenade.

The rooftops of the car park podiums will be utilized for the landscaped and recreation areas for the residents. These areas would utilize screen planting to create privacy with shade trees and structures.


Along the length of the North Beach and South Beach areas, a public promenade extends across the inner Crescent, paved with striking graphic patterns that spill across cafes and shops. A segment of two storey townhouses offers a resort-like backdrop to the beachfront promenade. The townhouses come with landscaped private courtyards while additional open space on their roofs offers serene water views. The cozy townhouses are a dream comes true of ideal beachfront living.



The development of the Creekside is of a smaller scale and predominately private and exclusive in form. It is an ideal locate for those who wish to relish a reticent lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city.

The end of the southern Creekside incorporates a beach area. This beach will be much calmer and more intimate than the large inner Crescent beaches. The waterfronts are privatized with only defined public access points to enable residents to enjoy direct access to the water and their private jetties. The development of the adjacent buildings will be mixed use with local cafes and retail providing activity at ground level. The landscape will be a continuation of the beachfront promenade at a more intimate scale. The area will be largely hard paved with shaded areas provided for seating and outdoor dining.


The Canal Apartments rise along the western face of the horns. The tranquil Victorian setting bestows upon them a unique feel or gracious villa living. Every unit enjoys a privately owned waterfront and an exclusive view over lush private courtyards. While these apartments are lower than the Beachfront Towers, they still follow a sweeping increase in height towards the centre of the Crescent.

Private gardens are provided for residents both at the ground level and on rooftops of the car park podiums. The recreational areas include both the private courtyards and communal open spaces. Rooftop terraces also go onto provide various leisure facilities like health spas, jogging tracks and swimming pools, apart from offering spectacular views of the surrounding water.


The Lakeview zone is a tranquil community built around a sprawling man-made lake. The zone is flanked by The Crescent on one side and mainland on the other. The lake is surrounded by residential developments, lush landscapes and myriad leisure offerings.

This area will be more intimate in its scale, offering residents the opportunity for a closer connection with the waterfront. Water taxis, fountains and artworks will ensure this serene area remains active.


Set within private lakeside parklands, the grand Lakeside Apartments rise amidst inspiring gardens, lakeside boardwalks and promenades. The apartments are within easy reach of the retail precinct, entertainment hub and the central mosque, while retaining their tranquil surroundings.

The residential development had been designed to create four unique communities, each focused on their own lakeside bay. The lake gallery increases the value of the value of the property in this area, which has been dedicated to the creation of the large areas of picturesque parklands and waterfronts.

Garden view

Garden View offers an active and yet relaxed living quarter, defined by their rich natural, architectural textures and gardens. Each dwelling is designed to look out onto the sea or the lake, bringing residents a window of tranquility into their lives at Durrat Al Bahrain. Garden View apartments are located within easy reach of all central amenities including the Central Waterfront, Mosque and the surrounding white sand beaches.


The Garden View Apartments stretch across the landscaped green belt of the Garden View zone, flanked by the lake on one side and rows of skyscrapers on the other. The apartments offer beautiful views of the lush parklands and the surrounding development, whilst still being close to the serene lakefront promenade. The Garden Apartments are attached to a podium connecting the apartments together and offering direct access to the surrounding paradise of gardens. The apartments are immersed in an oasis of inspiring greenery.

A terraced rooftop design allows the construction of penthouses in the structure and at the same time offers residents panoramic views of the beautifully designed gardens.



The Central zone of Durrat Al Bahrain marks its skyline with a charming outline resembling the sail of a traditional dhow boat. Central is the commercial heart of the island community with high-rise commercial towers, world-class shopping and recreational facilities. It is also offers residents amenities including the central mosque, schools, medical and community centers.

The central mosque and surrounding area will be a spiritual haven, floating in a serene reflecting pond that irrigates the gardens before flowing down to the sea. This area is a more traditional heart of Durrat Al Bahrain and provides a balance to the modern retail and entertainment facilities along the water’s edge.



The multilevel retail and entertainment precinct at the central zone will be the cynosure of shopping and recreation with myriad shopping options, from world-class shopping malls with designer stores to the traditional souqs, and a host of international dinning and entertainment facilities.

Adorning this commercial jewel of The Crescent will also be waterfront towers, boutique shops, cozy cafes, quality restaurants and leisure facilities, all opening onto the beautiful waterfront promenade. Flowing terrace-style landscape allows residents and visitors to relax in the idyllic paradise islands.


Boutique shops, cozy cafes, quality restaurants and leisure facilities all open on to the beautiful waterfront promenade, which makes the retail precinct the most fashionable meeting points of the Durrat Al Bahrain.

The waterfront residents and visitors can stroll through the lush paradise gardens and enjoy the scenic beauty that rises up the Grand Staircase leading to the magnificent Grand Mosque.

Located at the centre of the retail precinct, residents and visitors of the Durrat Al Bahrain Tower will enjoy the exclusive benefits of its prime location at the heart of the island’s commercial offerings.


Immerse yourself in an oasis of exclusive fashion and luxury shopping at The Crescent. An iconic shopping arena embellished with the most modern conveniences.

The retail complex will provide a unique shopping experience full of surprises, with an eclectic and intriguing mix of fashion and lifestyle. It will be home to some coveted brands in the world. Nowhere else in the Middle East will there be such an oasis of retail shopping under one roof.

An ideal shopping destination, the extensive retail precinct offers myriad treats to your senses.

The Crescent offers breathtaking al fresco dining and cafes, set in the picturesque surroundings of the waterfront bay. Discover a world of culinary delights from lively restaurants to chic and international food courts.

Travel the infinite variety of global cuisine that offers the highest quality, value and friendly service. Get ready to enjoy an extraordinary dining experience with your family, only at the retail precinct

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