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Villa Type D

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Villa D


The single storey, courtyard style villa has three bedrooms located around a central private swimming pool that is open to the sky. The villa will be finished to a very superior standard, which will reflect across the floor & wall surfacing, bathroom fittings, central air-conditioning and a fully equipped open plan kitchen. There is also a maid's room and a covered parking area for two cars. The 'Type D' villas are built towards the heart of the islands, amidst sprawling landscaped gardens. Their location places them closer to the community facilities and yet not far from the picturesque beachfronts.

Pools are built to the highest standards and are comprise concrete bases with tiled linings, recirculation pumps, sand filters, backwash facilities, automatic skimmers and underwater lights.


Jacuzzis with heated blowers are available with 1000m2 and 1500m2 villas.


The design and shape of the islands mean that only certain plots can have moorings. A range of mooring options are being designed and will be made available at a later date.


1000m2 and 1500m2 Traditional Special and Traditional Luxury villas have the option of a passenger lift.


All pools come with a plant room above ground and attached to the boundary wall. The plant room will have a shower to one side and a barbeque platform to the front. For 750m2, 1000m2 and 1500m2 type villas, larger pool houses are available. Both comprise a single changing room with a shower and a separate WC.


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