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“The lack of confidence we have as a team, it’s affecting both ends of the court,” Anthony said after shooting 8-for-20. “So we got to figure out a way how to kind of bounce back and get our confidence back. We were up 13 in the third quarter.

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Rapace is currently in the process of buying a house in London, which she shows me on her Rightmove app. She has lived out of a suitcase for the past few years, and she is happy finally to be putting down roots, not least because it means that Lev will have somewhere to call home. “The fact that my ex-husband is an actor too means it is a puzzle, really, and it’s not easy, but I want him [Lev] to have some normality in his life. I don’t want him to be home-schooled, or have a tutor. I want him to be in a class with kids. I want him to take the bus.”

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Furthermore in an analysis of physical activity levels in 15 countries, that was presented at the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children in Canada earlier this year, Ireland received a D- grade, coming behind countries such as New Zealand, Mexico and Nigeria.

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