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Today, he says that it is right for Catalonia - a wealthyregion - to contribute more to parts of the country that haveless. Rafael's wife Cesca comes from a traditionalCatalan-speaking family, but she - like her husband - does notsupport independence.

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As for the problems of theft in Range Rovers, this will be addressed with technology, he argues. There was a similar problem when the first electronic car zappers were introduced, with thieves copying the frequency of the locking noise to break in. But now the remote controls are secure by using a different code every time the vehicle is locked and unlocked, Avery says.

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The best time to visit this historic town — perched not so much on a hill, but on a needle on top of a hill — is in September, when the crowds leave and the beaches empty. The temps were still in the mid-80s when we visited in mid-October. All year long, the main attraction of Taormina is the 2,300-year-old Greek Theater, still in use today.

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