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Canary Wharf Group's first foray into residentialdevelopment has already attracted would-be buyers to it: Lastweek the company rejected a 2.2 billion pound takeover approachfrom the Qatar Investment Authority and Brookfield PropertyPartners, saying it significantly undervalued the group.

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During the quarter, Berkshire wrote off $678 million on itsinvestment in Tesco Plc, a British grocery chain beingprobed by regulators at home over accounting errors. Buffett hasbeen reducing Berkshire's Tesco stake.

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"At first I only went into the kitchen and started experimenting," she says. "The hardest part was adapting the [traditional US] recipes to the taste of the Mexican consumer... we like natural flavours, and we have such a variety of fruits."

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"Forget about all the outside stuff, being judged, being under scrutiny in the relationship ... I guess that adds in ... but I think they would say that [the entourage] was a big part of their discomfort, if there was any."

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It is a similar story a little further down the highway in the village of Cocula, where the police force is alleged by Mexico's attorney general to have received the 43 students from their counterparts in Iguala.

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"The next time you sit down to meditate, if your pet - your cat, your dog, your lizard, your parrot - feels like meditating with you, create a space," he says. "Close your eyes. Drift into stillness and silence, and you'll notice that your pet gravitates toward you."

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According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the recent decline in oil prices to $83 a barrel from $115 in June will push CPI inflation down to 0.5pc by next June. Douglas McWilliams, chief executive of the CEBR, said if prices fell to $60 a barrel, headline inflation could turn negative.

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We visited Alyssa at her home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to tell her story to the wider world. When the story went viral we reached out to the BBC audience on social media to see if they wanted to ask Alyssa some follow-up questions.

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In a letter to current and former Seals, the leaders of the US Naval Special Warfare Command wrote: “We do not abide wilful or selfish disregard for our core values in return for public notoriety and financial gain, which only diminishes otherwise honourable service, courage and sacrifice.”

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OSCE Chairman Didier Burkhalter said on Saturday he was"very concerned about a resurgence of violence in the easternregions of Ukraine and about activities leading to morefragility instead of further stabilisation of the situation".

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SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen's ruling party, led by former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh, and allied Shiite rebels rejected Saturday a newly formed government threatening a U.N.-brokered deal that established a truce after the rebels overran the capital.

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After Spain exited the dictatorship of Francisco Franco andbecame a democracy, regional differences have largelyflourished. One example: Catalonia has increasingly taught itsown language in schools, with the national Spanish tongue givena secondary role.

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"This is worrying to them," Cha said. "They have never seen anything like this before. Moreover, it is not coming from the U.S. but from the entire international community. They are trying to blunt criticism and perhaps water down the resolution with these actions."

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And if you are looking for a theme: Republicans gained six seats in the state House, giving them a supermajority and lending credence to the argument that their philosophy continues to win voters at the local level.

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After that rejection, Catalan grass roots movements - upuntil then a minority - multiplied. In 2012, more than a millionpeople attended a Catalan national day rally; the turnout ledregional leader Artur Mas to put independence at the top of hispolitical agenda.

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"When you lose that many in a row, it doesn't matter who you play," said Capitals defenseman John Carlson, who picked up two assists. "You just need a win. We just jump-started ourselves with two in a row."

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This evidence of everyday intimacy would have come as a surprise to Cnne’s friends, who were determined to see Hortense as a bit of household furniture at best and, at worst, as a millstone around his neck. In part this was because of the way Cnne’s paintings habitually rendered his lover’s features as a mask, with little attention paid to her inner life.

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