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"I think what Jean has done with the body is horrifying. It's contrary to everything I've learned about transporting a body," Patterson said. "I believe she's intentionally doing this because we obtained an order authorizing a private autopsy."

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I am overwhelmed each year by the donations and the jibes I get from my fellow staff and the students I teach. The question I am often asked is, "Why?" Simply, men need to chat. They need to have conversations about their health and well-being. It is about educating and empowering men when it comes to their health. The casual discussion about moustache growth can easily and effectively turn into a conversation about men's health.

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"Bob used to make the sets, then I would go in and do what had to be done to them - paint them, wallpaper them, age them, dust them down with Fuller's earth and make them look really, really old," Ray says.

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