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Chris Williamson, of financial information service Markit, said: "Anyone disappointed by the October number, which came in below expectations... needs to bear in mind that payrolls have now risen by more than 200,000 in each of the past nine months.

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Baslael Negash, a student, admires paintings at Makush by his friend Dejene Deribe. Once artists start selling paintings around the $600 mark, they sometimes choose to leave and start their own galleries, says Makush art director Nathaniel Yohannes. This creates room for new artists at Makush, where they can have a chance to merge creative endeavours with the increasing flow of cash from the growing customer base for art in Addis Ababa.

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That was well below the 1.9 percent forecast made in July, and if published could have been fatal to his key goal of hitting 2 percent from April next year. Since price expectations play a key role in the consumer behaviours that ultimately determine prices, doubts about the target could be self-fulfilling.

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At its heart is a sheet of plastic containing inflatable transparent panels that are blown up manually and then heated by a ceramic element. This wraps around the interior of the unit to keep a newborn warm.

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A detail that was overlooked in the build-up to the fight was that, if needed, instant replay capabilities were in place during Saturday’s bout. Although the instant replay was not necessary, and there are still many questions regarding the implementation, its use marks an interesting step for a sport that has not been quick to embrace change.

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Lara Yunaska will marry Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, Saturday — with casts on both arms. The banged-up bride had hoped the bulky white bandages, which she’s been wearing since breaking both wrists in a riding accident, would be off in time for her big day.

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"We know that some dinosaurs incubated eggs but we also know from fine structure of the bones that their hatchlings were small and took a long time to reach adult size. A slow or extended reproductive period may have been the type of problem that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs."

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China's official Xinhua news agency, citing an unnamedspokesman from powerful economic planner the NationalDevelopment and Reform Commission, said Mexico's decision was"because of domestic factors".

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement: "We're pleased that this humanitarian gesture has taken place and that Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller will soon be reunited with their families."

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On the human-led Alliance side, "Vikings" star Travis Fimmel will portray protagonist Anduin Lothar; Dominic Cooper has been cast as King Llane Wrynn; Ben Foster will play the mysterious mentor Medivh; and Ben Schnetzer will portray young mage Khadgar.

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The Houthis portray their capture of Sanaa as an uprising against a central government paralysed by corruption. They point to its failure, three years after Saleh was ousted, to improve living conditions for ordinary Yemenis.

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While Gelbs was clearly the frontrunner for the gig, his road to the role did not come without potholes. Sources said there was a division in the management ranks over who should get the gig, with some wanting to go the outside route, checking out talent not already in the SNY stable.

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“This lawsuit reflects just another partisan attempt to undermine the Affordable Care Act and to strip millions of American families of tax credits that Congress intended for them to have,” Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

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Rashaya lies just below a mountain known by locals as Jebel al-Sheikh and also referred to as Mount Hermon. Some residents said militants could make their way over the mountain passes if they have 4X4 cars and seize higher ground.

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Even in Shanghai’s autumnal gloom, it was a sparkling denouement. Only the concluding holes of this season’s US PGA at Valhalla – where Fowler, Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson all had their chances to beat Rory McIlroy on the back nine – could compare for sheer drama. It was also a refreshing departure from the flat-track bullying that characterised this event last year, when Dustin Johnson was able to win with a score of 24 under par. Watson’s winning score of 11 under appeared more in keeping with a tournament desperate to justify its billing as ‘Asia’s major’.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great bits, too. Our home is loud, loving and emotionally uncomplicated with plenty of “debates”, jokes and music. Both the older boys play guitar, electric and acoustic, and both are brilliant (me, biased?). I love this. Our poor neighbours probably do not. Plus there is little spite or malice with boys, no grudges or emotional manipulation. Yes, there are rows and tantrums (mostly mine), and there was fighting and lashing out when they were younger, especially between the older two who are closer in age, but all is quickly forgotten.

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"Our upcoming Hong Kong office in the first quarter will enable us to pursue strategic opportunities in Greater China, such as China export advertising market, Hong Kong and Taiwan advertising markets, media partnerships, and our new Twitter Fabric integrated with MoPub for mobile developers," the company told the BBC on Friday.

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The real reason Amnesty International tried to censor my speech to its members is that I am a Zionist who supports Israel’s right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. As such, I have been somewhat critical of Amnesty International’s one-sided approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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